Qinhuangdao Port is the Group’s principal port of operation. It is an established port with an operating history of over 100 years. The operation of the port is efficient and mature. It also acts as the major transiting port for Daqin Railway, which has the highest capacity and is the most important coal railway in China. According to Drewry, Qinhuangdao Port is the world’s largest coal port in terms of throughput in 2012.

Geographic Location
Qinhuangdao Port is located in the northeastern region of Hebei Province and on the north shore of the Bohai Sea. It is located at the east end of the Daqin Line connecting Datong in Shanxi Province and Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province. Qinhuangdao Port is a major hub connecting the transportation artery serving China’s west-to-east and north-to-south coal transfers and plays a significant strategic role in the national economy. Qinhuangdao Port connects with economic hinterland with various types of transports. With respect to road transportation, the National Highway 102 and 205 linking the southern and northern China pass through Qinhuangdao. Beijing-Shenyang Expressway is just a few kilometers away from Qinhuangdao Port. With respect to pipeline transportation, the port has a comprehensive crude oil pipeline network system, which is directly connected to Qin-Jing pipelines and the pipelines to Daqing Oilfield.

Natural Conditions
Qinhuangdao Port has advantageous natural conditions. It has a shoreline at the quay of 12.2 kilometers long, covers a land area of land area of 11.3 square kilometers and water area of 226.9 square kilometers and is divided into eastern and western zones. Qinhuangdao Port is a natural deepwater port, is ice-free and silt-free, and has an open water and flat seabed. The port’s navigable waterways require almost no maintenance.

Berths and Storage Facilities
The Group operates 50 berths in Qinhuangdao Port, including 44 berths of 10,000-tonnes and above. Among them, there are 23 coal berths, 7 oil and liquefied chemical berths, 17 general cargo berths and 3 container berths. The designed throughput capacity of Qinhuangdao Port is 226.35 million tonnes and 750,000 TEUs per year. The Group provides storage services for the cargo its handle in Qinhuangdao Port. The Group has specialized coal stacking yards, which have aggregate stacking capacity of 10.27 million tonnes. The Group also has general bulk stacking yards with aggregate capacity of 2.19 million tonnes. Furthermore, the Group operates 15 oil tanks, with a total storage capacity of 286,000 cubic meters. In addition, the Group provides a total storage capacity of 23,000 TEUs for storing containers.

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