The Group operates 17 general cargo berths in Qinhuangdao Port, 2 general bulk berths and 2 general bulk cargo berths in Huanghua Port, and 4 ore berths and 2 bulk berths in Caofeidian Port. Most of these berths (except for designated grain berths) are also able to handle metal ores. In addition, the Group’s two 200,000-tonne ore berths in Huanghua Port have been put into operation.

Imported iron ores are unloaded from ships at its ports for further delivery to steel companies in its hinterland. When ships arrive at its ports, iron ore is unloaded using a grabbing crane onto conveyor belts through a filling funnel and transported by conveyer belts to the stacking yard to be stockpiled by stackers. The Group uses both trains and trucks to transport iron ores that arrive at its berths.

The process for other types of metal ores is similar to that of iron ores, except that instead of being moved to the stacking yard through conveyor belts, other metal ores are directly unloaded at the front apron to be transported to the stacking yard, where they are loaded to trains or trucks for inland delivery or stored in a warehouse or stacking yard awaiting pickup.
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