Huanghua Port is located near the economic hinterland of south central Hebei Province and northwest of Shandong Province. According to Drewry, Huanghua Port is the preferred port for seaborne trade in the region and also one of the most convenient and economical sea access points in central and south Hebei Province. Huanghua Port is expected to be built as the major port for large-scale steel producers transiting imported ore cargo in the region (including Cangzhou, Xingtai and Handan regions) and the major ore port in Bohai Rim.

Geographic Location
Huanghua Port is located at the intersection of south Hebei Province and northeast Shandong Province. The port is on the coast of the Bohai Sea, at a distance of 90 kilometers from Cangzhou, 45 kilometers from Huanghua and 60 nautical miles from Tianjin. With its strategic location, the hinterland of the port mainly covers central and south Hebei Province, north Shandong Province and north Henan Province. Huanghua Port enjoys a developed transportation network that provides convenient access to its hinterland. The Hanhuang Line, which is expected to be completed and commence operation in 2014, will directly link the port to the main steel manufacturing bases in Handan and Xingtai in Hebei Province, as well as to the north-south running Jingguang Line (which links Beijing and Guangdong Province) and the west-east running Hanji Line (which links Handan and Ji’nan in Shandong Province), and is expected to derive iron ore and coal cargo supply from such regions. Moreover, the Shuohuang Line, another major energy transportation railway line in China, links the coal mining bases in Shanxi Province and Shaanxi Province with Huanghua Port. In addition, the Bohai New District, where Huanghua Port is located, is planning to establish a highway transportation network with 3 north-south running and 2 east-west running highways covering many regions in the port’s hinterland and service areas.

Natural Conditions
According to Huanghua Port’s approved master plan, when fully developed, Huanghua Port is expected to cover a land area of 141 square kilometers and to have shorelines up to 37.1 kilometers long.

Berths and Storage Facilities
The Group is one of the few sizeable port operators in Huanghua port zone, which currently operates 10 berths, including 2 general bulk berths, 2 general cargo berths and 4 multi-purpose berths, with a total designed annual throughput capacity of 18 million tonnes. In addition, the Group built two 200,000-tonne ore berths in 2015, with a total designed annual throughput capacity of 30 million tonnes.
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