Caofeidian Port is an important part of Tangshan Port and was designed to be a deepwater port mainly handling bulk and other general cargo with a focus on ores and coal, according to its port development plan.

Geographic Location
Caofeidian Port is located in Tangshan, in the northeastern part of Hebei Province. Its hinterland covers Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei Province, the northern part of Shanxi Province and the western part of Inner Mongolia, which are home to China’s important steel, petrochemical and coal bases. With respect to land transportation, Caofeidian Port is connected to a number of major railway lines. The port is connected to the Daqin Line through the Qiancao Line and is another important unloading port following Qinhuangdao Port. The Mengji Line, linking Caofeidian to city of Ordos in West Inner Mongolia, is one of the three most important railway lines carrying coal from west to east in China. It further strengthen Caofeidian Port’s role in China’s domestic coal trade. Furthermore, Caofeidian Port is also easily accessible by major highways and expressways that offer convenient access to the port’s hinterland.

Natural Conditions
Caofeidian Port is also an ice-free and silt-free deepwater port and is an ideal site for the construction of deepwater berths of 300,000 tonne and above. The depth of water reaches 25 meters within 500 meters from the shore. The trough is 36 meters deep. The 30-meter bathymetry contour is approximately 6 kilometers long from east to west. Additionally, there is a 5-kilometer wide and 27-meter deep natural waterway connected with the Yellow Sea that runs from Caofeidian towards the Bohai Gulf.

Berths and Storage Facilities
The Group operates 6 general bulk berths in Caofeidian Port, including 4 ore berths of 250,000-tonne and two 50,000-tonne general bulk berths, with total designed annual throughput capacity of 65.5 million tonnes and stacking yards with an aggregate designed capacity of 19.69 million tonnes. In 2015, the throughput of ore reached 80.42 million tonnes. Moreover, the Group has built 5 berths exclusively for coal, with a total designed annual throughput capacity of 50 million tonnes.
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