The Group also provides a variety of ancillary port services and value-added services. Its ancillary port services include tugging, tallying, transshipping, and shipping agency services, among other services. Its value-added services mainly include refined coal blending, tariff-free warehouse and export supervisory warehouse services.

Refined Coal Blending
The Group provides free refined coal blending services to its customers, who are unable to purchase directly from coal producers the types of coal they need and therefore require blending services. Coal blending is carried out before shipping and involves the process of mixing two or more different types of coals to obtain a coal product with the desired properties. The coal blending services enable the Group to cater clients’ different needs of coal quality and lower their costs, which helps to enhance the Group’s overall competitiveness.

Tariff-Free Warehouse and Export Supervisory Warehouse Services
The Group’s port zones are approved to set up tariff-free warehouse and export supervisory warehouse, which aims to provide convenience to clients who are engaged in business of stevedoring, warehousing, delivery and logistics. The Group’s Directors believe that its establishment of a platform for the tariff-free and export supervisory warehousing business is an important measure that helps the Group to meet the demands of market competition, attract customers from its hinterlands and their surrounding areas, promote the development of the regional economy, expand its range of services, promote its competitiveness and drive its future growth. In addition, the platform will provide efficient logistical services to processing trade businesses in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province and other places in the Bohai Rim, and help cargo owners to consolidate cargo storage and lower storage costs, thereby achieving mutual benefits.

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